Two great study breaks on campus, no matter the weather!

My favorite part of studying has always been the study break. Fresh air always helps to get rid of stress in the body. On campus, there are many places to visit for a quick and fun break outside, no matter the weather.

Warm Weather

When the weather is beautiful and you just can’t seem to focus on that term paper, head out to Brittingham Boats on the bay of Lake Monona for canoes, paddle boards and other kinds of boats rental. Lake Monona Bay is a great place to enjoy calm waters while paddle boarding or canoeing. The secluded area makes you feel like you are in nature and not in a busy city. Lake Monona is just a few paddles away, which offers a great view of Frank Lloyd Wrights Monona Terrace. This study break will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to get to work!

Cold Weather

One of the most beautiful study breaks you can take when the temperature has been below freezing for awhile a walk out onto Lake Mendota. The frozen lake will offer you a whole new view of Madison, allowing you to see everything from the capital to Picnic Point. It is also a great spot for an impromptu snowball fight! Just make sure the lake is safe to walk on first by checking out the University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology  reports on the status of the lake. The walk will allow you to relieve stress and get back to studying!


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