Recharge! Top 3 Places To Nap On Campus

We have all been there… it’s mid term/finals season, you have been studying for hours, and your brain is almost mush. That being said, if you truly want to succeed on your midterms and finals, they key to doing well is getting enough rest! Making time for a break to recharge your brain is essential and here are the top three places on campus to do so.

1.) College Library (Helen C. White)

Chances are, you are already at memorial library cramming like there is no tomorrow. That being said, you’re not alone! Look around next time your there. There are plenty of people who have studied themselves into a coma so you might as well lay your head down and recharge for a few minutes; you’ll fit right in!

2.) Right Outside Your Classroom

If you’re spending a lot of time studying and are afraid to oversleep, go to your exam early. In the buildings here on campus there are benches, tables, chairs, etc. that are perfect to take a quick power nap. This would allow you to ease the worries of being late and failing.

3.) Your Apartment/Dorm/Home

Nothing beats your bed. Taking a nap in your own place of residence wont only ensure optimum peace and tranquility, but will also provide you with comfort you are used to. In such a high stress time, taking personal time in your own personal space cannot be beat.


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