To Take or Not to Take English 162


Shakespeare’s works may seem boring, but taking English 162 makes reading Shakespeare fun, interesting, and actually enjoyable! I took this class my first semester of college in the fall of 2016, and I recommend it to everyone. Here are three reasons why you should take this class in the fall of 2019.

  1.  A caring professor: My class was taught by two professors, Senchyne and Calhoun, and they were equally great. While the lecture contained around 200 students, both professors wanted to know everyone’s names and stories. As a freshman, one may feel overwhelmed with the new environment, but these two professors are very supportive.
  2. Fun projects: Between seeing the actual First Folio, making your own folio, and creating a “Shakesconsin” project, this class was very hands-on. The Shakesconsin project was a creative project to share Shakespeare and media with other people outside of the class. The best part of the Shakesconsin project was that it was based on what was discussed for the whole semester, and this was a great way to end the semester.
  3. A class for everyone: This class is an elementary, three credit class that meets twice a week for 50 minute lectures, and discussions are once a week. While it is an English class, the class relates Shakespeare’s works to topics that are prominent today. Professors Senchyne and Calhoun make the literature understandable to people who have had zero contact with Shakespeare, but still interesting to people who have already studied Shakespeare.

I fully believe this class could be of interest to anyone, regardless of major.

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