Spring Break | Welcome to New York!

Time Square; Photo by Hazel Tang

Unlike Madison, New York City is definitely one of the busiest, loudest but also the most diverse cities in the United States. Freshmen life here in Madison could be boring in the long winter, which makes exploring fun NYC a good option for Spring Break.

Visiting Museums

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts is one of the biggest art collections with the U.S., covering collections from Ancient Greece to Contemporary Arts, from Asia to America. The MET is so huge that people usually spend an entire day here to enjoy the full collections.

9/11 Memorial and Museum is another must to see in NYC, a place to remember, mourn and reflect on the history.

Watching a Broadway Show

As one of the origins of musical theater, watching Broadway shows has been prevalent among tourists in NYC. Famous shows include: the Lion King, the Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Hamilton and so on. FYI, tickets for classic shows go really fast!

Jogging in the Central Park and Having a Brunch Then

Staying inside here in Madison for the entire winter, it is time to go out for some energy from the nature. Central Park in NYC is like a paradise in the concrete jungle for their citizens as well as tourists who wants to explore the life here. After a morning jogging, there are many brunch or cafe options in the Upper East Side to give you some refreshment.

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