Jump Around: Three Keys To Meeting People Freshman Year

Going from high school to college is a very exciting transition, especially when you’re going to the University of Wisconsin. However, between living away from home, meeting hundreds of new people, and trying to find clubs that interest you, your first year can be very intimidating.  As I look back at when I started in Madison, there are a  100 things I wish I knew back then. However, since 100 are far too many, let’s start with the three most important ones. Here are my three keys to meeting people in college through some of my favorite quotes. 

  1. “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet.”

Trying to meet 8,000 new people all at once is an impossible task, however, whenever you can, talk to someone you haven’t met yet.  The more people you talk to, the bigger your group of friends gets, and the smaller the campus feels. Madison has so many amazing people just waiting for you to meet.

  1. “I love meeting new people, everyone has a story to tell. We should take time to listen.”

The University of Wisconsin is a big place with so many unique people. Students come all over the country and the globe to Madison, take full advantage of that.  Take the time to talk to people you would otherwise never get to meet. Learning from other’s people’s perspectives is a big part of the college experience. 

  1. “Jump Around and get involved!”

Join any club and organization that interests you. You’ll meet a lot of like-minded people that all share simmering interests and goals. It’s rare to be able to find that in any other environment so again, take advantage.

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