Survival Fashion for Freshmen: Fall to Winter

Welcome to Madison, freshmen! If you’re new to Madison, you’ll be excited about the warmer September weather than you think and meeting people for the first time. But don’t let your guard down! The weather in Madison is unpredictable and rougher than you think, just like your major test! But don’t worry, I’ll tell you how you can survive Madison’s volatile weather.

The beginning: September

September is a time when heat and coolness coexist!

If you wear autumn clothes without a plan because it’s autumn, you might faint from the heat while traveling on a huge campus. Wear shorts, short sleeves, and a nice lightweight jacket on top. Or wearing long, breathable pants instead of shorts is a good choice.

Don’t forget to wear cool and unique style clothes!

Upcoming Colds and Tests: October and November

Have you met many new people? If you had fun, it’s time to prepare for the future!

October and November are the periods when it gets colder. Fold your shorts and put them in the warehouse, and now wear long pants like jeans. I recommend a hoodie on top, or a short sleeve and a warm jacket.

Please visit various shopping malls to buy warm winter clothes and shoes!

Ending: December

It’s time to wrap up your first journey at Madison.

Winter has come as harsh as your upcoming final exams and projects. Wear a long sleeve or sweater as a top, and then wear a Hooded Windproof Coat or Hooded Parkas Coat on top. I recommend Thick, Warm Joggers or Winter Jeans for bottoms.

Of course, Choose nice style clothes!

All Images courtesy of unsplash

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