Think, Plan, and Act Like an Adult

Going to college is one’s real first opportunity to see how they can “adult” on their own. A lot of changes take place during this time period that can make the transition seem daunting. I found there to be three main ideals to focus on when living on your own.

  1. Think – When thinking like an adult you should dive into the future. You should debate what is best for yourself health wise physically and mentally. Discover what you want to do in life and think big.
  2. Plan – It’s important to organize your life efficiently so that you can get the most out of every day. Make sure to not create a schedule that is too overwhelming or not full enough. Fill your days with time dedicated to work, but also focus on social and personal time.
  3. Act – Once you start to think and plan like an adult you need to execute your actions. Don’t become a lazy couch potato and just think about all you want to do. Make your dreams become a reality and perform your passions in life.

When you combine these three life hacks to adulting, one will feel confident in themselves. Try to be the best person you can be and set attainable goals that will drive you in life. Go out there and become a successful college adult.

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