Small Talk…It’s What Breaks the Ice

Guess what? If you’re an introvert like me, small talk is torture I wouldn’t burden my worst enemies with. So you can imagine the fright my little freshman self was feeling when she had to start from scratch in a new city with new people, a new school and living on her own.

It can all be overwhelming, but here is my biggest tip for you (especially my fellow introverts). Master the craft (yes craft, it is artistry) of small talk. My mom had to learn this as an adult AFTER college and vowed that I would learn it way before her, and now I want to help all of you! 

The first day you move into your dorm is going to feel lonely, even when you are surrounded by loads of people. Even if it’s scary, push yourself to just start a conversation with anyone in your dorm. Picture their head is surrounded by a house, other people, activities, etc. Ask questions about where they live, where they grew up, their family, etc. 

Let me tell you, it took all my strength to do this, but I made lifelong friends and met my boyfriend my first week of college just by pushing myself out of my comfort zone! Keep your cool and remember that everyone likes to talk about themselves, so you just ask the questions and listen up.

Good luck freshies!

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