They See Me Rollin’ (Lint)

When you move out to Madison for the first time, the essentials that everyone will tell you are basically the same. Bring supplies for your dorm room, bring clothing, bring a microwave, and a ton more super obvious items. But there is a slept on item that I guarantee most freshman would never think to bring and some do not even know exists.

BĂ„STIS Lint roller, gray - IKEA

That’s right. I am talking about the fabled lint roller. Now, you may think that this would only be useful if you are wear a blazer or dress pants. That makes sense right? That is what lint rollers are typecast into. But you would be making a huge mistake in assuming that you only need a lint roller when you tidy yourself up for the career fair every fall. A lint roller is the key item that elevates the style of anyone. It is the small detail that allows you to transcend the fit of everyone on the 7th floor of Sellery. First impressions are everything, and think about what you would think of someone if you saw them for the first time and their shirt looked like a sucked on lollipop that was dropped in a sandbox.

You would remember that for the rest of your life.

You may think this post is a bit silly, but trust me. I managed to survive four years at Madison with an average to below average GPA and still landed a fantastic job. You know what I was thinking when I was in the interview for the job when they asked me what put me above the other candidates?

You know what I was thinking.

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