7 Items to Carry in Your Backpack That Can Make ‘Adulting’ Much Easier

The art of adulting can be a very difficult and time-consuming process of learning. Your first year of college is bound to be full of unexpected moments you wish you knew about. Here are 7 affordable items to keep in your backpack that can make adulting an easier process.

1. Back Up Charger

Whether it be your phone or your charger, you really don’t want to be without it. You can be sitting in class or on-the-go, but you never want your laptop or phone to die while you are outside. The consequences can be small or big, but it’s always good to remember to leave your chargers in your backpack, just in case.  

2. Reusable Water Bottle

When the weather is over 80 degrees and you have to walk across campus, having a water-bottle can be a life-saver. As a student, every day you’re likely to be out for most the day and will need to keep a reusable water bottle by your side. The school often provides free bottles, but it’s important to keep it in your backpack.

3. Thumbdrive

When you are running from your room to the nearest public printer, so that you are able to print out an assignment before class. It saves so much time and energy by giving you a reliable portable way to carry your storage. It’s essential to keep this in your backpack for those much needed moments.

4. Snack

There is likely no student who hasn’t experienced this before. You are sitting in lecture, taking diligent notes, and all of a sudden your stomach begins to rumble. You can’t leave the class immediately and know your appetite is only going to grow. Having a granola bar, fruit, or even bag of chips can help tremendously when you are hungry and on-the-go.

5. Deodorant

You absolutely never want to be in this situation, but with the rising temperatures it is especially important to carry a back-up stick of deodorant. Walking from Memorial Union to the Nat can create a lot of sweat, so it’s crucial you carry a small stick of deodorant in your backpack. 

6. Headphones

Having a pair of headphones not only help you personally, but can come in handy academically. I’ve had a lot of classes that require using headphones for an assignment and it is always good to have an extra pair on you. 

7. Mint/Gum

That moment when you’re sitting in your third class of the day and feel the smell of your dining hall lunch nearby, you’ll really wish you had some extra mints with you. I prefer Altoids, but any mint or gum that you carry in your backpack can come be extremely convenient and life-saving. 

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