They Only Constant When It Comes to the Wisconsin Seasons: Comfortable Streetwear

The University of Wisconsin-Madison campus is very big and can be hard to navigate just as is. Finding the right clothes that you can feel comfortable, stylish, and always be able to be on-the-go is key to having a successful and productive day. Growing and exploring in college goes hand in hand with finding your personal style. From hoodies and sweatpants, to biker shorts, graphic t-shirts, and breathable athletic clothes, you will be set to run from class to class, stop somewhere for lunch, and maybe even hit the gym all in one swing!

As an incoming Freshman, you might be wondering what you need to pack for and how to account for the unpredictable weather in Madison. There are a few essential pieces you will need to have. When you arrive in the early Fall, it will still be warm and it is important to have versatile, breathable, and comfortable clothing. Below are some comfortable, yet stylish “athlesiure” examples of what you might find around campus.

The winter time in Madison is a whole new ball game. Going from class to class is more of a challenge when it is cold out, especially if it snows. It is important to be prepared by having a winter coat that is versatile and unique to your own personal style! Also, sweatpants and hoodies are absolutely acceptable at our school. People love to be comfortable and warm as it helps with focus and ease in class. Here are some examples of what you might find around campus during the winter months:

Creating a wardrobe that is versatile, flexible, and personal to you, is what will make you feel most successful and comfortable around campus. It is important to note that your style and just an extension of your identity, don’t let it consume you. Feeling confident in your style will inherently make you feel more confident in your academic pursuits as well as socially. Let yourself grow and explore while also noting the weather in Madison and from the classroom to the gym you will do great!

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