Athleisure: The secret ingredient to a happy college student life

College students are busy, stressed, overwhelmed. With this, the last thing they need to worry about is what they will wear for the day, and that’s where athleisure comes in to the picture.

Imagine this, you are a new student at UW-Madison, making your twenty minute walk to class, maps open, sweat dripping from the fall heat, and you run into construction that will add an extra five minute detour to your class. In this scenario, what attire would be more comfortable to wear: Jean shorts or athletic, breathable shorts?

Whether you are walking to class, relaxing at home, or exploring the city of Madison as a freshly independent adult, athleisure is the fashion to rely on. One of the greatest things about athleisure is that it is made prioritizing durability and comfort, making it the safest choice for any and all activities.

One of the great qualities about UW-Madison is that not only is the campus in a city, the city itself is basically the campus. With this, most things are walking distance if you live on or close to campus. But since the campus is so big, you must be prepared with the appropriate attire to make your daily treks across the city of Madison.

With this, don’t let your fashion choices limit the activities you choose to do or become a nuisance. Instead, choose athleisure and watch how the comfort and durability of the fashion propels your overall happiness and well being in your everyday activities.

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