Take a BREAK for ONCE!!!

Coming into college and even during college all you hear your peers and family talk about is all of the studying you must do or all of the studying they are doing. This turns you into a ball of stress, especially during midterm season (which is basically all semester) and final season. Although the stereotypical thought of college is to study 24/7, you absolutely should not do this. Below, I will discuss the best way to relieve stress that can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Implement an Exercise Break to De-Stress

The biggest thing I have learned as a rising Junior that has gone through a pandemic at UW-Madison is to appreciate the great outdoors. We have a huge advantage being at a school that can make you feel like you are in a city one minute and in the middle of a forest the next. Take advantage of long walks, runs, or bike rides along the Lakeshore path or to the Capitol. You can even rent bikes through Madison B-Cycle! These are electric charged bikes that will allow you to go on bike rides all over Madison due to their speed!

But wait… doesn’t Madison get freezing in the winter?

Although Madison does reach below freezing temperatures for most of the winter months, don’t let this stop your exercise! UW-Madison offers great facilities, such as the new Nicholas Recreation Center or the Shell which can bring your winter ice skating dreams to life. Take advantage of all of the UW-Madison recreation facilities they have to offer as I am sure there will be an activity waiting for you.

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