Entourage: The Perfect Young-Adult Show

Entourage features five young men who move to Hollywood to support their star actor best friend, Vinny Chase. And, the lifestyle these aspiring stars provides endless entertainment for eight binge-worthy seasons featured on HBO.

The Dream Lifestyle

What viewers find most appealing about this show is the idealistic “movie star” lifestyle these five young men live. Consistently partying, driving expensive cars, and rising to stardom is something most people can only dream of. And, watching these attractive people obtain this “big baller” status only makes the show more appealing and addicting.

Celebrity Cameos

Since this show takes place in Hollywood, there are other famous celebrities that make consistent appearances. Actors and artists like Mark Wahlberg, Vanilla Ice, and Snoop Dogg appear in several episodes only adding to the dream status the main characters carry. Seeing characters Vinny Chase and Johnny Drama playing a round of golf with Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady generates excitement as many people want an inside look of what that experience would be like.

Quick Episodes

One thing I really enjoyed about this show is the episode length. Each episode is only 30 minutes in length making it super easy watch before class or during a quick study break. The short episodes make it easy to follow the story line without requiring your undivided attention. There is nothing worse than watching a show with hour long episodes and getting bored at the 37 minute mark.

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