Take a Break!

Study breaks are incredibly useful for keeping sane while in college. Here are some things that I do to take a break:

Grab a Snack

Finding a quick snack like crackers, granola bars, popcorn, and so much more can be a nice way to treat yourself for the work that you have done, and put you in a better mood for the rest of the work that needs to get done. Plus, it also helps to place the snacks in a different area of your room (or you can even walk to the dining hall) to get in a little bit of physical exercise to avoid being static.

Jump Around!

One of my favorite things is to put on some of my favorite danceable songs to bring up my mood some more, and Jump Around a little bit! Taking a quick walk down the Lakeshore Path is also a great way to exercise while being in a peaceful setting. Exercising can boost energy and has helped me to reduce stress, and it is something that I highly recommend for short study breaks.

The Lakeshore Path


If exercising isn’t in the cards for that day, then another way that I enjoy taking a study break is to take a quick power nap. Only 10-15 minutes long, these power naps can help to boost energy as well, and it could help with increasing focus.

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