A Guide to Student Fashion


A big stressor for me coming in my freshman year was what I was going to wear to class. Should I wear “nicer” clothes, can I wear sweatshirts everyday, what is actually acceptable? The nice thing about Madison is that there is such a wide range of styles people wear everyday. Personally, I have adopted the athleisure wear look because it’s both cute and comfy. 

My #1 recommendation for what to wear to class is to simply wear something you are comfortable in while also being appropriate for the situation. First impressions are everything so I do recommend wearing something a little nicer than athleisure for the first day. Also, if you have a presentation or a speaker is coming to your class I recommend, again, a step up from daily athleisure.

*If you don’t know what athleisure wear or business casual is, just Google it!


As you probably already know, gamedays are a big deal in Madison. We take lots of pride in our sports and our school spirit, and we show that through what we wear. If you are going to a game or even just a tailgate, wear Badger colors. If you don’t, you will definitely stand out (in a bad way). 

Another recommendation I have is going to the thrift store and buying a cheaper jacket. Since this is Wisconsin it does get cold, and you don’t want your nice winter coat to get ruined or even stolen (yes it happens). Also while you’re there, pick up a pair of sneakers that you won’t mind if they get dirty (trust me they will).

Photo by Jeramey Jannene

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