Studying Tips!

It can be incredibly overwhelming to figure out how to study for your first few college exams. There’s a huge amount of material, not a lot of time to study, and so many distractions! Here are a few tips to get through your first few exams:

  • Keep your notes organized: If you start by having super organized notes from the beginning of the semester, it will make exam time so much easier!
  • Start early: The earlier you start studying, the more you will retain the material! So don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Find your study space: Everyone studies differently. Make sure you find a spot that is right for you. If that’s a quiet pace, find a quiet place! If it’s a coffee shop, find one that suits you! Knowing where you study best is so important.
  • Find the most important topics: Usually, a good rule of thumb is that if it was in lecture, it will be on the exam. Especially if it was in lecture and in the readings.
  • Find a study group: Make friends in your classes! Teaching is one of the best ways to learn material and you’ll make friends while you’re at it!

Figuring out exactly how to study is a learning process! It will take time. But with these tips, I hope it makes it that much easier to figure out the best way.

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