Kick back and Relax! Best Comfort Show to Binge

Laughing uncontrollably for the entirety of its 22 minute playtime, one of my favorite binge worthy TV shows is without a doubt, The Office. So easy to wrap yourself up in, I often find myself sitting through five episodes without noticing. 

The plot follows a small paper company located in Scranton, PA and the day to day functions of the office. Through humor and wit the relatable and lovable characters show what a seemingly ordinary office would look like. Each character has their own unique set of characteristics that make the show a must watch!

Other comparable shows are Parks and Recreation or New Girl, again with a band of vastly different characters navigating their seemingly normal day jobs, with loads of humor and sarcasm. However, I personally think this would be the best of the three simply for characters such as Dwight or Jim. And I would describe them, but I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out…

Would definitely suggest this show to everyone, there’s so much to love and laugh about, you’re sure to find something amusing. It also has timeless jokes that you’ll be rolling laughing at. 

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