Silly Yak Bakery

Recently, there have been an increased amount of trendy diets that remove or even reduce your gluten consumption while other individuals have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease means your body cannot process any forms of gluten; resulting in extreme discomfort, illness and even death if gone untreated. Several students on campus suffer from Celiac Disease while others have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle which results from the removal of gluten. Silly Yak Bakery is the one stop shop to solve students dilemma of purchasing gluten free food alternatives. The bakery is located near Middleton; right next to West Towne Mall. There are several transportation options to get to Silly Yak Bakery even though it is off campus, but every Saturday they have a stand at the Farmer’s Market on Capital Square.

Their products range from bread, muffins, scones, cookies, pizza crust and several other products that generally contain gluten. While most gluten free products break the bank; Silly Yak Bakery products are moderately priced. I greatly enjoy their wide variety of bread and scone flavors because they taste similar if not identical to the same product with gluten. Generally, gluten free products taste bland or like cardboard, but Silly Yak Bakery is quite the opposite. I highly suggest trying their products if you are seeking gluten free, sensitive alternatives. Finally, all products sold have nutritional facts and ingredients used in the making of the bakery items.


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