Engage politically at UW-Madison!

When entering a school as large as UW-Madison, new students may have a hard time finding a community of likeminded individuals. Luckily, our school hosts quite a few student run political organizations, which are curated by the university.

For many students, these groups serve primarily as a place to meet new people of similar mindsets. These groups bring together many students who are ideological counterparts, which fosters lasting connections. The degree of involvement and collaboration make these organizations great places to make lasting friendships with other students in the community.

For more politically experienced individuals, these organizations are great platforms to show support for causes, and affect real change in the community. Like a candidate? Oppose a policy? These groups create opportunities for new students to make their voices heard, and affect real change in their new community, or on a national scale.

Groups on campus are a wonderful place to get hands on experience in political organizing, which can be formative for students considering a career in the political realm. The majority of political organizations on campus are student run, providing a unique opportunity to see what political grassroots political action is really like. Students organize all kinds of events, from canvassing, to hosting public forums to arranging public demonstrations.

There is no better way to engage with the political climate at UW-Madison than these groups, which are listed on the Wisconsin Involvement Network. Click here andĀ find the group which is right for you!

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