Pre-College: An Ending and a New Beginning!

The time period after graduating, but before coming to college, can be a lot of things. There’s the stress of change, the excitement of new beginnings, and the sadness of goodbyes. What are some ways in which you can prepare for this amazing future you’re about to have, as well as move on from the past?

A Graduate Box!

When I graduated high school, I had a small party with some close family and friends. At the party, I decorated an old shoebox and cut a slit in the lid. Then, all of my friends and family members wrote down advice, well-wishes, and more on little pieces of paper and slipped them into the box. This was so amazing to read as I was preparing for college as it felt so special to get feedback from the people closest to me.

Goodbye Letters

While this seems rather melancholy, I found that I had grown very close to a lot of my high school teachers over the years and wanted to do something special for them. I wrote each of my teachers that had a lasting impact on me a goodbye letter thanking them for all that they did. Your teachers are the ones that gave you the tools to be ready for college, and saying goodbye to them really helped me feel ready to let go of high school.

One last drive!

Hop in a friend’s car and simply drive around your town! You can hit up some of your favorite places or simply just take in the view. Even if you don’t think your hometown is pretty, try to appreciate its beauty and uniqueness. Find a nice spot to park and take in one last sunset. Saying goodbye is really hard, but having a beautiful memory to hold onto makes it a lot easier.

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