Meeting people in College 101

From someone who went through it

Coming into college, you may be hesitant on getting tips to meet new people. A lot of advice is cliche or just not practical. Are you really going to meet new friends at a sporting event? I found out the answer is probably no. As someone who has experienced this, I have a few honest tips…

1. Talk to people in your classes

Don’t be afraid to sit next to someone in class. I met a lot of people by simply sitting next to someone and talking about how I was dreading a Calculus class for example. People love to complain about classes, so do that! And then begin the conversation about why they are in that class and what their major is. Maybe get their snapchat at the end of class.

Photo courtesy of Albert Herring

2. Join a sorority or fraternity

You don’t need to join a fraternal organization but it is an option. Madison has plenty of types of sororities/fraternities including greek sororities, business fraternities, and many more. There isn’t only one type of fraternity/sorority organization at Madison, find whatever one fits you

Photo courtesy of CSU Monterey Bay

3. Look into intramural sports teams

Do you have a sport you did in high school? Or just want to try something new? Join an intramural sports team, it is a great way to stay active but also meet new people that have a shared interest with you. Madison has teams participating in anything from volleyball to curling!

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Overall, just don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Any chance you see to talk to someone, do it! You never know who might become your closest friend.

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