Fashion Tips: Standing out in a Crowd 

With a student body of over 40,000 students here at Madison, it is difficult for anyone to be unique. In order to not be perceived as “basic”, it is important to wear clothing items that show your originality and brilliance. These simple tips can help you establish a sense of style catered to you, putting your individuality on the outside. 

Wear Conversation Pieces 

Whether it’s a t-shirt from your favorite band or a simple top you had crocheted, wearing clothing that represents your hobbies or interests will be unique to you.

Boldly Accessorize

If you are feeling particularly drab that day, step up your look with some cool glasses or some chunky earrings. 

A Cool Jacket 

UW-Madison being far north of the equator has below 50 degrees weather more than it does not. This requires wearing a jacket every time you step outside, instead of sticking to a black puffer, although nice, maybe switch it out for a colorful or patterned quilted jacket and layer a warm fleece underneath, like in the image below. 

Don’t worry it takes time to establish a complete wardrobe, my advice is to not go on a shopping spree all at once but wait until something you really like comes along. Or if this is too much work, you can always just wear a University of Minnesota shirt!

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