Dorm Life: Helpful Tips to Keep Freshman Year Fresh


There are a few different factors to think about when making the transition from the familiarity of your parent’s house to the instability of dorm life. Check out these tips to start thinking about how you want your freshman year experience to be!

  • Location
    • Location is probably the most important factor when deciding how you want your freshman year to turn out. Specific dorms tend to have certain reputations, whether it is a social dorm or a studious dorm. It’s a smart choice to check out College Confidential to see what real people are saying about which dorms are best for which personality. Another piece of information that should be taken into consideration is whether you want to live in a public dorm or a private dorm.
  • Roommate
    • Finding a roommate is a big and important endeavor. It is recommended to find someone on Facebook through the university class group page first and message with them to get a feel of who they are and what they are looking for. It’s extremely helpful to know what you want in a roommate and what is a hard pass (drinking, smoking, study habits, cleanliness, etc.).
  • Set Up
    • Get creative and figure out how you want your first college room to look like. It’s important to stalk some essentials like shower shoes, a microwave, comfortable pillows, a power strip, etc. Coordinating bedding and decorations with your roommate is a popular trend among college freshmen.


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