3 Essentials to Getting A’s in College


As a freshman, getting A’s in college seems almost impossible. With work piling up and exams harder than ever, you may not even know how or where to start. Have no fear! These three techniques will help you calm your nerves and lead you on the path to getting A’s!


1. Take thorough notes and do the assigned readings: Taking effective notes is essential for acing any exam. It will help you focus in lecture, so you will better remember the information presented. Doing the assigned readings will supplement these notes, so you will gain full knowledge on topics expressed in lecture. This will make it so much easier when it comes to studying.

2. Study early, study often: Studying over a week in advance is crucial for acing any exam. Not only will it allow you ample time to go to office hours, ask questions, and review all the material, but you will also better absorb the information when studying over a period of time, rather than cramming. It will also allow you to take frequent breaks when studying

3. Go to Lecture: With no one on your back about attending class, you may get a little more relaxed come mid-semester. Don’t. Attending every lecture is so important in taking good notes, gaining information, and staying in a routine when it comes to assignments. Even if you can get notes elsewhere, attending class will allow you to interact with the professor and other students in the class.

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