DIY Spirit Wear with a Flair

Are you bored of boxy logo tees, and plain, boring sweatpants? Spirit wear can be so much more fashionable with some do-it-yourself adjustments!

Easy to make tube tops for the game:

I promise that almost anyone with a basic knowledge of sewing and a pair of scissors can make these! All you need is an old UW t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and some elastic. Cut out the center of the tee and then fold over the edges, sew over them with about a half inch of seam allowance in order to insert the elastic. Make sure not to close off the pocket entirely. Hook the edge of the elastic with either a loop turner or a paper clip and insert the elastic through the small hole you left open in the pocket. Add as much or as little elastic as needed, and sew the two ends together. Now you have an adorable and unique game day tube top!

One-of-a-kind patchwork sweatpants for finals:

Sweat pants are an absolute necessity for college, although, finding unique and fashionable sweatpants can sometimes be a challenge. Want something other than a basic pair of gray sweats? You’ll need 2-3 pairs of old UW sweatshirts. Now take your favorite pair of sweatpants. Trace them onto a large piece of paper and cut it out. Now cut up the sweatshirts into several pieces and take those pieces and make a puzzle with them. Now take your newly made pattern and rotary scissors and cut the pieces into the shape of sweatpants. Now that you have your pieces, sew them right sides together to give the sweatpants a seamless appearance. After stitching together both front and back panels make sure to add elastic or a drawstring waistband and you’re done!

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