Break the ice and don’t think twice: college edition!

College can be intimidating, but your new best friend could be patiently waiting to meet you. Confidence is key – do not be afraid to be social and put yourself out there. Wisconsin is a special place full of special people. The community is accepting and waiting to embrace you with open arms. Here is some advice to get the ball rolling on that whole friend thing: 

Network, network, network.

Social media rules our lives these days, but it can be so useful for making friends. A piece of advice, join the Wisconsin Facebook page for your incoming class. You will realize out the world is a tiny place after spending some time connecting, relating, and finding mutual friends. Even more, make sure to grab the contact information of people from your hometown also attending UW. Networking will not fail you. 

Get outside!

Take part in what makes UW-Madison such a special place! There are ample outdoor activities from paddle boarding to finding the secret beach along Picnic Point, the world is your oyster. Invite anyone and everyone to take part in some fun in the sun and be assured the ice will be broken. 

Classroom friendships.

It may seem weird, but the person you sit next to in class everyday may become a close friend! Even more, group projects are a great way to get talking. Do not be afraid to ask for socials or contact information! 

You got this! Relax, be yourself, and have some fun. 

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