Decoding the Ultimate Quarantine Side-Hustle

What is this side hustle you speak of? Computer coding! Now, some of you may be thinking “Coding is for math people, I HATE math!” but I swear, it’s not as complicated as it seems!

I picked up coding about 3 months ago after I was forced to return home from my internship in New York. I wanted a way to easily make money from home, and that’s when my dad told me to learn how to code. He writes computer software and said he’s always contracting coders, so I decided to give it a shot!

“That sounds great, but you can’t just decide to be a coder!” You’re right, but there are super informative and FREE websites that will teach you how! I learned how to code in HTML/CSS and Python (two different types of code or “languages”) by using Code Academy. It took about two months total to learn both languages, and now I feel like a competent coder!

“That’s great, but how do you find people who will pay you to code?” Great question, and good news: It’s super easy. I have been using the website Fiverr to do freelance coding for people. 

Coding is in high demand even during the quarantine. It also doesn’t require ANY person to person interaction and can be done from your laptop on your couch. It also pays well, as you can set your own rates. Do yourself a favor: Learn how to code and fill up that bank account.

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