A College Course That Will Help Improve Your Social Media Game

Are you lacking in your social media game? Do you have a hard time taking quality pictures? Do you struggle to get followers? Likes? Well, do I have the solution for you.

This solution is one that is a win-win situation. By improving your digital media skills, you are also receiving college credit.

Communication Arts 155 – Introduction To Digital Media Production

CA 155 a 4-credit course that is taught by Eric Hoyt, one of the best professors around. If you think you will just be taking notes the entire class period, you are wrong. You get to learn about and watch films, podcasts, music videos, and more!

Professor Hoyt always seems to spice it up too. He attempts to learn all his students names – even within a big class setting – and tends to have occasional cringe-worthy jokes that keep you entertained. One time he played a Youtube video of the song “Africa” blasting in an empty mall and sang to it.

There is also a lab section for this course twice a week. This class size is very small and you spend majority of the time producing your own media!

What you will learn in this course:

  1. How to work a nice camera and take quality photos (you even go on a photoshoot with a partner and get to bring out your inner-model)
  2. How to use Photoshop (the tool you might need to edit your Instagram photos)
  3. How to create websites and code (you can start up your own personal blog as an assignment!)
  4. How to make films and blueprints (you can create that movie you’ve secretly always wanted)
  5. How to create podcasts (those are really in today)
  6. How to set up perfect lightning (great skill for taking better pictures)

When is it offered next?

Communication Arts 155 is offered in Fall 2020 with Eric Hoyt! This course also counts for credit for the Digital Studies Certificate, which is also a great program to look into.

I would encourage any student wanting to learn more about digital media and new skills to produce creative media to consider taking CA 155. No need to stress about college credit and your social media game; now you can get them both complete in one!

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