Tips on your freshman year closet: Game day edition

That exact moment you opened up your UW-Madison acceptance, one of the first things you thought about was definitely: I need game day outfits! Well, I am here to guide you through your freshman year badger closet.

  1. Depop was my best friend first semester, and it will be yours to. Depop has affordable, already used clothing that is also super easy to hunt down exactly what you are looking for. For game days, all you have to do is type in. “Wisconsin Madison merch” and you will find a bunch of vintage Madison clothing and accessories. Remember to order it at least a week before game day because sometimes the sellers take a while to ship.
  2. Keep it simple. Simple is always MORE! Most game days I found myself wearing basic red and white t-shirts and jeans or jean shorts. Find basics off of brands such as Brandy Mellvile or Forever 21 and accessorize with badger face tattoos or stickers, red and white glitter, fun sunglasses or even red shoes.
  3. Head over to the bookstore. I know that this sounds weird, but head into the kids section for more of a baby-tee or cropped t-shirt look or grab a hockey jersey with shorts underneath. The bookstore has so many options for fun game day outfits and accessories, and even if you don’t want anything from the bookstore you will find good inspiration.

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