College Tips & The Good Old Days

Once you turn 18 you are labeled an “adult”. But what’s that really mean? What all really changes besides the number of years you have been alive? Being this age can be very confusing because it is the transition from being considered a child into an individual who can basically do whatever they want…besides drink of course! It all seems pretty scary right? College is just around the corner and so are the rest of adulthood’s fun responsibilities! Here are a few tips that I’ve gathered over the years that I have found helpful.

First, don’t take anything too seriously in college. Obviously, you should try your best to get good grades because they are important, but only to an extent. Although getting this education is setting you up for your future career, it is during the years that you are supposed to experiment and really get to know yourself. You don’t want to look back when you are older and think, “Wow, I wish I would have done that!” Andy from the show The Office once said something very wise that I think about a lot. He said “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.” That’s what us as college students need to remember, these are the good old days!! We really can’t take our lives for granted in college because we’re never going to be this young again.

My next tips are basically just school related. Before taking a class, use What people say are usually pretty honest and they will give you a realistic description of the class and its homework/exams. I also think that quizlet can be super helpful! A lot of college students upload their study flashcards for almost every class, it’s accessible to everyone and saves you the time from typing it yourself!

Finally, this one sounds pretty basic but you need to take care of yourself! It’s easy to get into the cycle of staying up late, eating unhealthy, having an unorganized room and more. You have to take care of yourself or it will be harder to enjoy your college experience. 

Hope this helped, now get to “adulting”!

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