Adults Need Help too

Just because you may be independent living by yourself now that does not mean that you cannot receive help from your parents.

One thing I have learned is that if your parents offer help…TAKE IT.

With adult life there comes a lot of things you might struggle with that you didn’t think you’ll have a problem with. One of those things is food.

You’re quickly going to realize that food is expensive…but I have a few tips for that.

When you go back home make sure you can take as much stuff as possible back with you to college.

When I would go home over the weekend sometimes, I would take two empty suitcases and I would come back with them full of food.

Why buy something if its available at home.

Another thing with that is…

Take advantage of free food on campus. If you are smart and are up to date with all the events going on at campus, you can get enough food for a couple days.

Adding on to that, make sure you use the resources available at school.

There are countless of coupons available for being a student sometimes.

Not only that but try and go to as many orgs meetings as possible. Typically, on the first couple meetings they will provide food.
Take advantage!

It’s okay. Adults need help too.

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