Lakeshore Lifehacks

`My favorite adulting life hack is applicable towards the select freshman who gets the gift of living in lakeshore for their freshman year. My dorm was my 12th choice, which I was naturally not excited about initially. Especially when all of my friends lived in Sellery, late nights of studying in Southeast often meant a cold, long, and lonely walk home. Especially Monday nights, where we would all gather in one of the dorms to watch The Bachelor starting in the second semester, the two-mile walk home seemed brutally long. 

First of all, let me preface this hack by saying I ended up loving my dorm and where I lived, and most of the time the extra walk just meant more steps in during my day which typically I didn’t have an issue with. However, walking at night, alone, is never an advisable thing. So to remedy this, I created mini overnight bags that each of my friends let me keep in their room. Each bag (with items that can be cheaply purchased from your local flamingo run) had a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup remover, and pajamas and was small enough to fit under a bed. While it wasn’t everything I used on a regular night, it was better than having to walk alone and saved me from having to borrow all of my friends’ items time and time again! Because of this hack, I was able to stay with my friends and never had FOMO by having to walk home early!

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