Freshman: Don’t be nervous.

Coming into freshman year at UW, you are bound to feel some jitters as well as excitement. One big thing someone told me at the beginning of this semester is don’t be afraid to be awkward. 

When you first arrive, prepare for some awkwardness, talk to as many people as you can because down the road this will lead to many connections! Whether it’s having a class with someone you know, or further down the line of finding a job, don’t hesitate to talk to people around you.

Talk to your Advisor!

One big thing I need took advantage of my first semester was meeting with my advisor. It came to a point where I needed to make a decision of dropping a class and was pulling my hair out over it! I got a chance to meet with my advisor and she made me feel so comfortable with the situation.

Stay organized!

In college, there’s no one to remind you when assignments are due, so it’s up to you to be independent and organized. Staying on top of your classswork is key to having a successful first year at college.

Don’t feel pressured about your Major.

Coming into college with your major already decided, or if you were like me you’re coming into college with no idea what you want to do. While you want to stay on track to graduate, there’s no time limit on college and not worth stressing yourself out. Chances are, you’ll probably change your mind a few times.

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