Study Habits: Learn What Is Best For You

When I started my first semester at school, I was given a variety of advice surrounding study habits to be successful in college. I was scared that if I did not follow the study recommendations of using a notebook, studying at a desk, and designating a set schedule, I would fail. I expected that to be the only successful way of studying. While all of that advice can be helpful to many, it is important to find the study habits that work best for you individually.

I initially tried using my notebook for notes, but I noticed that I would fall behind in the lectures and miss information. My handwriting was also very messy because I was writing so fast. Thus, I switched to my computer, and I have used it for all my notes since. For me personally, typing my notes and going over them multiple times worked the best. But, writing notes may help others learn the material and pay attention more.

Studying at a desk was not the best either, and I would find myself focusing on my discomfort rather than actually studying. But for others, it helps them concentrate. A set schedule led me to feel not productive if I did not finish everything on time. But for others, it works to keep them on track.

Ultimately, it is up to you to find out what study habits work best for your personal needs. It is completely possible to be successful in classes and not follow the typical advice of studying, as long as you actively still learn and study the material.

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