Transportation on Campus – Expectation vs. Reality

Transportation on campus, at first thought such a topic seems boring and mundane, but one of my biggest revelations so far during college is how much time I spent on my feet and how much thought I had unknowingly put into finding the most efficient routes to getting to classes on time. The following blog post will go over some of my expectations of transportation on campus and what I learned in the process.

Walking on Campus

When I enrolled to UW-Madison I expected my primary way of getting around campus would be walking and I was definitely right. Coupled with my choice of dorm, Chadborne, which at least to me seemed to be kind of centralized to many locations on campus, I spent hours traversing campus on foot. Walking can be an inevitability of living on campus, however, UW-Madison also contains more than a few paths that provide very refreshing and nice scenery along the way. The most prime example of this that I can think of is the Lakeshore Path, this path allows for those along it to get a really wonderful view of Lake Mendota.

Buses on Campus

Walking was not the only option I assumed to have to get around campus. I also knew that UW-Madison offered a bus pass to students. While I didn’t use the bus as much as I expected to, I also discovered that Madison’s bus system is very robust and can take you almost anywhere in the surrounding area. Picking up a bus pass is definitely a must-do for any new student.

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