The Key to Having the Best Dorm Room…BRING A FUTON!!

Imagine meeting a bunch of new people on your floor and wanting to invite them over, but the only place to sit is on your bed (which may be lofted), in desk chairs, or on the floor… yikes! Here is why bringing a futon to college is a game changer!

As I mentioned previously, futons are perfect for hosting. Most can fit at least 4 people which is great when coupled with the 2 desk chairs. Having a futon makes meeting new people and spending time with your friends so much easier! I hosted many fun movie nights, study sessions, and more, all because my friends actually had somewhere to sit.

In case you didn’t already know, a futon doesn’t just act as a couch…it also folds into a bed! How convenient! This is perfect for having friends come to visit from other colleges or from your hometown.

Your futon is also great for your friends that live on campus. There are some nights when your Lakeshore friends just can’t fathom the walk back to their dorm, so they crash in yours!

And the final person that can use your futon to catch some zzz’s for the night is yourself. There are just some nights when the idea of getting all the way up in your lofted bed just doesn’t seem possible. This is the perfect opportunity to use your beloved futon that is thankfully on the ground level.

If your roommate doesn’t already think you two should have a futon, change their mind, and thank me later!

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