How I made $$$ during Quarantine

Like most people I struggled with how to manage my time throughout Quarantine. I could only watch Gossip Girl reruns for so long before I needed to find a productive use of my time. I followed many others in taking time to de-clutter my home. Apart of this was cleaning out my closet! Sorting through what I thought I would donate to Good Will and then things that I thought I could sell on a website called Poshmark. Poshmark is a social media platform that always consumers to purchase new or worn clothes. Poshmark has grown and many people have successful business on them as well. Personally, I have made over 300 dollars on the app and you can too! To have success on the app you MUST be active. Friend people and share other people’s closets. Most importantly repost your own postings every day. This way your postings are always at the top of shoppers time lines. Poshmark is excellent for many reasons. One main reason is that this platform gives users an easy way to support sustainable fashion. “Fast Fashion” changing the way society changes the consumer by placing value on quantity not quality. Through Poshmark consumers can buy second hand and extend the life of certain apparel items. Poshmark gives everyone the ability to make a profit on the clothing that doesn’t make them happy anymore!  

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