College Life: “You Can Do It!”

I don’t know about y’all, but my senior year of high school, I was SO nervous about college life. I wasn’t sure which school I should commit to, I wasn’t sure what major I should declare, and I thought the workload was sure to kill me. My teachers would always tell us things like, “I’m assigning this to help prepare you for college.” And, “This is nothing compared to what’s coming up for you next year.” Or, “Hah! You think eight pages is long? Try twenty in college!” So yeah, I didn’t have high hopes for a great college life. But in my experience, all those things my high school teachers said about college, that just wasn’t the case.

Don’t get the wrong idea—college isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, or parties and chill time. No, you’ll definitely have to put the work in if you don’t wanna fall a semester behind. But it’s also not everything your high school teachers might have worked it up to be. That twenty page paper my history teaching told my class about? I dreaded any such assignment, but I don’t remember writing anything longer than a ten page paper. And sure, everyone’s experience is gonna be a bit different—like one of my friends put together a fifty page assignment over the course of the semester, but don’t freak out too much about it. Use your time wisely, and you’ll be fine.

So while you definitely shouldn’t expect to party every night possible (that won’t get you very far in college life), if you’re like me, you also shouldn’t freak out too much about college. It’s totally do-able.

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