Messes, and How I Learned to Avoid Them

When I first started college, I quickly learned something very important, that I HATE to clean microwaves. As a frequent soup eater, my usual tactic of heating up soup on the stove was rendered obsolete. Wait in line to use a cramped kitchen with a half-broken stove? No thanks! But as I cooked my beloved chicken noodle for the first time, the worst thing (in terms of soup) happened. It bubbled, it boiled, and it SPEW all over my roommates microwave. While cleaning a microwave isn’t hard per-say it is annoying. Especially if you’re making soup late at night.

This event prompted me to make the best decision of freshman year (besides dropping biology) buying my first microwave cover.

Sick or not sick, soup is the best Wisconsin winter food (after cheese curds)

A microwave cover is a plastic dish that retains any potential splash back from whatever you’re heating up. Soup, hot chocolate, even pasta sauce! While it may seem silly, a microwave cover is the best investment to save you the most time cleaning your microwave.

And on top of that, these bad boys run anywhere from $3 each to $9 for a deluxe glass cover, which you probably don’t need if you’re sitting on a $30 futon eating soup you heated up in the microwave. Regardless of materials, a microwave cover is a worthwhile investment to take with you from the dorms to apartments, to wherever you end up!

If I’ve convinced you about the importance of the microwave cover, (which I hope I have) you can buy one from Amazon with the link below:

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