HollyWUD Glamour

One of the great things about college is that feeling when you discover something that makes you go “Aw HELL yeah, this is free?!”.  That’s the exact feeling I had when I discovered the Marquee in Union South. Bet you didn’t know that there’s a committee dedicated to bringing you FREE movies all school year round! Not only that, but our campus is lucky enough to get early screenings of highly anticipated movies, usually of the horror genre.  Seeing Get Out over a week before the rest of the nation got to (and did I mention for free?) without risk of spoilers was an absolutely incredible experience. The Marquee’s movie schedule changes weekly, so add yourself to the email list because there’s always at least one feature film you’ve been dying to see on the list. (Pssst, heads up! Make sure you go to the annual screening of The Room, just trust me on this one!)

Get Involved!

You can even have a say in what movies get played! The WUD Film Committee puts on all the movies and is a fantastic club for film buffs and even just students that want a heads up on what’s coming to the Marquee.  And you can sign up for any of the many subcommittees that put together pitches for the next meeting. LOVE classic horror? There’s a subcommittee for that! Passionate about the most recent Hollywood blockbusters?  You guessed it, subcommittee! You even get the chance to sign up for saved seats at those coveted early screenings I mentioned earlier. WUD is also a great way to make new friends in your freshman year!

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