No Supervisors, No Problem?

In high school, there was a constant reminder if you weren’t doing good enough to get into college. Whether it be your guidance counselor or your parents, everyone always seemed to stick their nose in your business. Now that I’m in college I almost wish I still had that. Becoming an adult means no more people watching over you. The University is not there to tell you to get your grades up- unless you are on academic probation, of course. Here are some ways that will help you stay on track when others aren’t there to do it for you:h

  1. Go To Office Hours

You should never be scared to ask for help. The professors and TAs at UW-Madison want you to succeed, so if you are struggling with something, they want to know how they could be of service. Go to their scheduled meeting times, or if need be, schedule your own time with them.

2. Study In Groups

Just as you shouldn’t be scared to ask your teachers for help, you shouldn’t be scared to ask your classmates either. More than half of your classmates are struggling with the same things you are, so if you work together, you are sure to figure it out. In addition, studying out loud with other people can be great to help you remember information.

3. Keep Checking Canvas

I know it may be a little intimidating to see numbers get put into canvas. Even if the number is low, don’t let it discourage you. In fact, let that low number encourage you to work harder and ultimately get those numbers up!

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