Find your family with Surma

When I came to UW-Madison, I remember walking through the Student Organization Fair at the the Kohl Center completely dazed. I was so overwhelmed by all the options that I didn’t notice a girl waving a flier by me until she tapped me on the shoulder. She told me all about UW-Madison’s premiere competitive co-ed Bollywood Fusion team, Wisconsin Surma. They traveled all over the country to compete and danced all sorts of different styles of dance in an 8 minute storyline set. I recalled watching them perform at The Overture Center and being totally blown away.

It sounded amazing, but I told her that I didn’t have much dance experience. She told me that it didn’t matter and that I should come to workshops just to check it out. I went to workshops, and she gave me extra attention to made sure I learnt all the moves. I was so nervous to audition, but she motivated me through it, and I made the team! Since then, my very first friend became my Big on the team, and I was adopted into a whole family. We have been through so much through these last two seasons, and I can’t wait for the third. I have developed friendships, mentors, and memories that I will never forget with them. No matter where you find your family, whether it’s Surma or not, definitely consider joining clubs that may not always have an academic or professional intent. They will be your biggest support system and stress relief.

Thank you Sonia Patel, for being my first friend and bringing me into the family.

Surma 2019 Performance at Midwest Dhamaka in Cincinnati, OH.
Placed 3rd at this competition. Theme: Mulan

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