3 Reasons To Work At A Bar

Why getting a job at a bar early will set you up for an unforgettable college experience

Working a college job is typically seen as just a way to make some much-needed cash for rent, books, food, or even beer. That’s all very true, but there are other social benefits to working at a bar freshman year and beyond.

  • A night at work is also a night out. When working those Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night shifts, there’s the added benefit of being surrounded by fellow college students. Interacting with them can make the night fun, and you get to stay involved.
  • Being a bartender or bouncer has social benefits. If you have the privilege of serving drinks or watching the door, there is an endless stream of people eager to get to know you. While it’s obviously superficial, these friendships can turn into valuable relationships with time.
  • You get to drink underage with no fear. Like it or not, the reality of college is that underage drinking is very common. It shouldn’t be frowned upon, as long as it’s done responsibly– many of our parents remember a time when they could legally drink as freshman in college. Most freshman have to rely on fake ID’s that work half the time, but all you have to do is walk right into the bar you work at, no questions asked. You might even be able to bring your friends!

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