Days Come and Go, Friendships Are Forever

Coming into Freshman year is a scary and exciting situation for anyone. Whether you’re rooming with someone you already know, someone new, or you’re living alone, new people will be all around you, and there are ways to best deal with that. My #1 suggestion is to not do that alone. Finding your friends while you’re a Freshman can leave you with unforgettable college memories with people who will be there forever. Weeding out the life-long friends from the friends you’ll have because they’re around you is hard to do, so keep these tips in mind when coming into the best 4+ years of your life.

  1. Keep in mind who you actually have things in common with. Yes, everyone loves the Badgers and beer, but is there anything else there?
  2. Take note of who you can trust your secrets with. You don’t want to be telling Jamie down the hall that you like your next door neighbor if she’s gonna tell him two seconds later. That just makes things weird for everyone.
  3. There’s sometimes a difference between your party friends and your life- long friends. As hard as it is to admit, while you do have fun with certain people, they may not be there when times get tough. Know who’s real, and know who’s fun, and things will go a lot smoother for you.

The most important thing about making friends in college is to keep an open mind. People surprise you all the time and the person you never thought you’d have anything in common with just might end up being your best friend forever.

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