What You Need For Doing Laundry Like An Adult

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Laundry is something you’ll need to master as an adult, and what better time to do that than during your college years at UW Madison? Freshman year is the best time to learn how to keep your laundry as organized and clean as possible, especially when you live in the dorms. Here are the tips you’ll need to rock the “adulting” task of laundry!

Use a hamper.

This is a must. It will keep your dirty clothes all in one spot, and it will make it easier to carry your laundry to and from the laundry room. Plus it will be a better spot for your clothes to go to after you wear them rather than your dorm room floor.

Use a laundry bag.

Use a washable bag that can hold things such as your socks and intimates when you wash and dry them (a mesh bag is a great option). It will keep all your laundry together, and no longer will you have to fear any socks going missing.

Bring a timer.

Make sure you have a timer–whether on your phone or watch–to keep track of when you put you laundry into the washer and dryer. This will help you remember when to get your laundry, and it will prevent other students from putting your clothes somewhere else in the laundry room if they have been sitting in the machines for too long.

These tips are sure to make you an efficient, organized, and courteous laundry pro!

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