Oh no! What to do when the dorms are SOLD OUT.

It is an exciting time when you are finishing up high school and finally receive your acceptance letter to the university of your dreams! You start thinking about all the fun to be had as you head on your college journey but completely forget to get your housing aligned….

What happens when you come to find out that the dorms have unfortunately been fully sold out??!

Do not fret! Here are 3 great alternate options that can help:

  1. Lucky Apartments: At Lucky, they have an entire floor designated for freshman students. It mirrors the dormitory style by having an RA and community of people for you to meet. It is even nicer than most dorms on campus. Instead of a small box like dorm, you can live it up in a furnished apartment for the same experience!
  2. The James Apartments: A cool aspect of living at the James is their roommate matching program! By filling out a resident profile, you get to express the kind of person you are and who you would enjoy living with. Most questions pertain to your social media, sleeping, studying and social habits as well as major, year in school and other hobbies. So if you are freshman worried about meeting new people, this can help you find the perfect place to live and new best friends.
  3. The Facebook Page: The NEW UW Madison Sublet and Roommate Board page on Facebook will be a life-savor for many things. Not only is this a great outlet to find roommates for any age but a gold mine for finding sublets of apartments and parking spots.

Madison is such a great city and large in size, so there is going to be something out there for you. There are tons of options, enjoy the next few years!

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