How To Get Your Apartment Ready For Your Parent’s First Visit

Parents can be very uptight. At least in my own experience, my parents are so OCD that they wouldn’t approve of my living space if it weren’t clean. Being a college student, it can be hard to keep your space clean with no one telling you what to do, how often to clean, or what needs to be wiped down, especially when each week is packed with exams, essays and a boatload of work. Here are the easiest ways to get your apartment, or dorm, ready for your parents to come visit:

  1. Make Your Bed

This may seem silly, but making your bed look neat will actually make the rest of your room look in order. It will allow the pillows to be picked up off the floor, and the blanket to be laid on straight.

2. Get the Dust Buster

Dust can easily get trapped within the corners of your room. Be sure to check every small space to make sure the dust, dirt, and fuzz isn’t building up. Dust busters are a quick and easy way to sweep up these small spaces to ensure that your area looks clean.

3. Wipe Down Surfaces

Get a pack of Lysol Wipes and wipe down your desk and your night stand. You may not be able to see it, but it is very common for dust to build up on these surfaces, making your room dusty and stuffy. This could ultimately make you sick if you breathe in this dirty air. Take a wipe to these surfaces to give your room a fresh, clean smell and a fresh, clean look.

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