Head in the Clouds? ATM 100 is Perfect for You!

I’m going to be honest with you guys- really not a science girl. The most interested I’ve ever been in science was watching Bill Nye in fifth grade- and that’s not an exaggeration. However, 3 credit ATM 100 with Professor Martin was one of the most interesting classes I’ve taken at UW-Madison. 3 times a week at 11 am for 50 minutes at a time, Professor Martin would never disappoint.

What’s So Great About ATM 100?

Although I found the material slightly challenging, Martin’s enthusiasm made me excited to attend his class. Every session Martin would say something utterly hilarious that had the whole room of 200 people laughing. He always started the class talking about the historical weather events of that day, and then showed us the upcoming weather. That was one of my favorite parts of the class because I’m not from a super cold area and never knew what to believe with the impending snow and temperatures. Luckily, Professor Martin had my back.

Work Load?

Full disclosure,  there is a homework assignment every 2 weeks (only about 4 questions each time) and 4 tests including the final. I definitely did have to study but his lectures match pretty evenly with the book because he wrote it so it’s super helpful for studying. Plus, as I said before, science is my worst subject, but I managed to get through it. The course gets into the basics like pressure and density and eventually you’re learning about rainbows and hurricanes. Trust me, in this class, when it rains it pours.


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