It’s Just Common Cents

For lots of people, they have been blessed with a parent doing their laundry for their whole life. It would just magically appear folded in your closet, and this is perhaps the biggest adjustment when arriving at college. Not only do we not know how to do laundry, but we put off what seems like an enormous task until it comes to a grossly noticeable point. On every college checklist it has tide pods, bounce sheets, and a hamper. However, one indispensable item that many might forget is COINS. Depending on what dorm you are in, coins are what most machines require before you start your load of laundry. However, with the rising emphasis on debit and credit cards, cash let alone coins is becoming a scarce thing for college students to carry around. 

If you don’t come from a family that has a big life size coin jar like I do, then here is a list of random places at home to find coins where you would least expect it:

  • Under the cushion of your basement couch
  • In the miscellaneous drawer of random things that every kitchen has
  • At the bottom of an old backpack
  • Underneath the living room rug
  • In the pockets of your jeans
  • In the vacuum
  • The sidewalk of front of your house

Overall, no matter where you find your loose change, BRING IT because whether you are living in a dorm or apartment it is absolutely a college necessity. 

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